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Waste As Art


 The Waste as Art Community Art Competition & Exhibition is a unique project which promotes the waste-to-resource concept by encouraging the use of waste products and materials in the creation of art.

Waste as Art (WAA) aims to educate and inform the community of the need to adopt improved waste and sustainability practices by promoting the use of recovered resources as an art medium.

WAA is open to all members of the community who reside in the Hunter Region, NSW, Australia. All entries in the competition are guaranteed inclusion in the Waste As Art exhibition. Entry into the exhibition is free, to encourage as many people as possible to be exposed to tangible examples of recovered resource use in a professional art exhibition.

Generous prizes are offered to those who best fulfil the competition criteria:

  • The artwork demonstrates the concept of turning waste into a resource through the use of recovered waste products and materials;
  • Artistic quality;
  • Creativity and aesthetic merit;
  • Craftsmanship and quality of work;
  • Function and innovation

WAA is considered a successful waste & sustainability education project as it consistently meets its designated aims/objectives and desired outcomes. The project also continues to establish new links, partnerships & initiatives related to art, waste & sustainability.

HWEG aims to extend and build on the achievements of WAA each year, through application of summative and formative evaluation findings & recommendations. Additionally, the long-term benefits of this type of ongoing partnership project are considered of equal importance to the project outcomes and achievements.   

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